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Start Boosting Your Business On Social Media

Start Boosting Your Business On Social Media

Social Selling Strategy for your business:

Social selling is a way for sales professionals, and teams, to use social media to connect with prospects, and provide them with value. Having a community of good prospects is a minimum requirement to get decent traction in this process. The bigger the community, the wider the reach. Parallel to this there needs to be a strategy of constant engagement through Social Media Channels prior to mining these prospects (the numbers of which increase all the time as part of your growth strategy).

No audience, no engagement = no leads, its simple..

No audience, no engagement = no leads, its simple..

There are 3 different Stages to facilitate this Growth process:

Rebrand Your Profile

To reflect your key services and make sure your profile stands out from your competitors - a ONE -OFF process.

Community Builder

The second stage in the engagement process is the Community Growth and Nurturing Phase

Lead Generation

Building on top of, and feeding off the Community Growth and Nurturing phase, is the Lead Generation Campaign

Profile Update

A minimum requirement to growing your Community!

Called SEO for your profile

  • This is a one-off process which entails rebuilding your social profile with a focus on the important Keyword sets and Targeting required for your business.
  • The nett outcome of this Rebuild is a dramatic improvement of your Profile visibility, and highlighting your most important service offerings in the Online Marketplace!

Community Builder

Building a Community of your Best Prospects

  • The Community Builder Campaign: Our Team implements a strategy of Community Growth targeting your Best prospects on a daily basis; overseen by your Campaign Manager

Lead Generation

Leveraging and monetizing your Target Community

  • The Lead Generation Campaign builds on the ongoing Community Builder strategy over a period of time – the duration of which is assessed by your Campaign Manager; Following this period of nurturing your Target Market, the Lead Generation component kicks in, feeding directly from the engagement activity ongoing across your Social Media Channels as detailed above.
  • We bring attention to your professional profile and brand, and engage with prospective clients.
  • Cloud Business provides mentoring and training services in implementing the Social Selling Strategy to get the best outcome for our clients.

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